AirFreight Service of Airport Service LLC

Airport Service LLC provides airfreight transportation professionally both within Russia and abroad. Why air delivery is profitable?

  • Aviation is considered to be the safest mode of transport. Therefore, the choice of air cargo transportation gives nearly a 100% guarantee that your shipment will arrive in the point of destination in apparent good order and condition.
  • Air transport is a lot more time-saving than ground one and, consequently, an air shipment isdelivered toa receiver much faster.
  • High speed delivery allows to cut down expenses for cargo warehousing; hence, air transportation prices remain profitable and air shipment itself stays cost effective for the end customer.
  • Air transport is multifunctional. Goods of various dimensions, weight, and hazard level are accepted for air freight.

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Airport Service offers multiple freight and shipping services:

  • cargo transportation within Russia, worldwide export, and import from the whole world;
  • document preparation for and transportation of special shipment such as dangerous goods, live animals, perishable goods, personal effects ,  human remains;
  • shipping agent services within the Pulkovo airport zone such as cargo receipt in the freight terminal, payment of terminal services, delivery to door around Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, as well as packaging and storage of cargoes;
  • packaging of hazardous cargo and advisory services on its air transportation paperwork.

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1196210, Russia, St. Petersburg, Pulkovo avn., tel.+7 (812) 601-07-12

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We are ready to manage a full range of airfreight services:

  • We collect air shipment from senders.
  • We find the best matching airport and even a particular flight, which ensure delivery of any air shipment strictly within the term specified by a contract.
  • We provide on-time delivery of goods to the airport of departure using, as required,a special mode of transport.
  • We pay for execution of all documents required for air transportation and terminal charges.
  • Representatives of our company receive the cargo in the place of destination and transfer to a warehouse in the specified city, from where it is transported to the address specified by the contract or handed over to a receiver personally.

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1196210, Russia, St. Petersburg, Pulkovo avn., tel.+7 (812) 601-07-12

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To sum up, airfreight transportation from Saint Petersburg with Airport Service LLC ensures the maximum reliability and comfort with the minimal effort made by a customer.

How can you make use of air freight services from Airport Service?

Now, if the advantages of air transportation offered by Airport Service companyare perfectly obviousfor you, it is the right time to execute a relevant demand order. What should you do?

It is very easy to order air freight transportation in Airport Service:

  • 1. Contact our company’s personnel for calculation of the exact cost of your air cargo shipping to the point of destination.
  • 2. Make arrangements on the delivery time acceptable for you.
  • 3. Fill in a demand order for air cargo transportation directly over the phone or via our Web site; in doing so, indicate all additional services you would like to obtain (freight insurance, specific packing, address delivery, etc.).
  • 4. Hand over your shipment to employees of our warehouse.
  • 5. Pay the air cargo transportation order by any option offered to you.

Upon the completion of all required formalities, all you have to do is just to wait until the cargo reaches to the point of destination.

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1196210, Russia, St. Petersburg, Pulkovo avn., tel.+7 (812) 601-07-12

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